Full Panchakarma Treatments include a pre Panchakarma consultation, daily therapies, medicated oils (used during therapies), food, and close supervision throughout your program. A special diet is followed during Panchakarma, so all meals are prepared for you everyday. In general, you’ll eat after therapies and when you are hungry, so we make sure that you have food ready when you need it.

Along with Panchakarma Program, adjunct detoxification therapies are preformed daily including• Abhyanga (Ayurvedic warm oil massage) with integrated Marma Chikitsa (Energy Point Therapy with attars and essential oils);• Bashpa Swedana (full herbal steam) or Nadi Swedana (Localized herbal steam) ;• Shirodhara (Bliss Therapy for mental rejuvenation);• Udvartana (herbal scrub/dusting) or Lepa (herbal paste), followed by a warm shower (a localized Churna Swedana, or herbal bolus therapy may be added to your treatment, if needed);• Daily freshly prepared meals.Your daily program takes about 3 hours.

Herbs before and after Panchakarma are not included. Optional adjunct Ayurvedic therapies (such as Netra Basti, Hrud Basti, Nadi Swedana, etc.) are not included in your fee, but can be added to enhance your program, as per your request and specific needs. You can also add private yoga and other services during your Panchakarma to get an enhanced experience, but all these require extra time and therefore are charged extra and need to be scheduled ahead of time.

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