Yoga for Acute and Chronic Conditions & Body Type Constitutional

60 min Session -$125, Must Buy 3 session for Best Results /60 min each -$300,6 sessions $550

Specific Body Type Yoga Practise

Prakruti Related Yoga As Per Doshic Constitution.

Ayurvedic  philosophy is whatever is present in the nature is also present in our body in the form of Dosha. There are 3 types of dosha and you can have single dosha or dual dosha or tri dosha constitution. So a Ayurvrdic Vaidya or Doctor will find out your Body Type and guide you a set of YOGA which will be unique as per your body combination of Dosha. Vata dosha is a energy of Movement, Pitta Dosha is a energy of Transformation and Kapha dosha is a energy of collection.

So you must do the yoga what is suitable for your body type.

As Ayurveda believes you’re unique. There’s no one else like you. And you are a miniature of a nature.

So to get the best therapeutic yoga and its utmost therapeutic effects from yoga, you must practice and follow self practices that meet the unique needs of your mind-body type (Constitution of the Person/also known as Prakruti).

Through our sessions of practices of personalized guidance and private instructions, I can help you experience the full benefits, and power and beauty of yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, dhyan, dharna, mantra, japa etc

Private Customized -Disease Healing Therapeutic Yoga

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