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1 hour $150/Per each Person. Minimum group of 5 required for this class.

Acharya Charaka (The Scienctist of Ayurveda) uses the metaphor “Indhan”, which means Energy.

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Fuel the Body with Sattvic Vegetarian Cooking

1 hour $150/Per each Person. Minimum group of 5 required for this class.

Acharya Charaka (The Scientist of Ayurveda) uses the metaphor “Indhan”, which means Energy, fuel for body. Diet, Sleep and Lifestyle are the three important pillars of the body; a body cannot stand without these three pillars. The body is a machine which needs a clean fuel to run. Food plays an important, active role in running this beautiful elaborate and most complex machine on the Earth. Sleep plays a passive role in maintaining the body. Diet and sleep are the maintenance guys of our bodies. They can either make you (for example Obese) or break you (for example leanness or weight loss).

Any Disease can arise from wrong diet and sleep patterns.

Come and join us at The Ayurveda Healing Spa and take this wonderful opportunity to learn about the Ayurvedic Way of Cooking. The use of lots of spices plays an important role in adding intelligence into the food.

Ayurveda recommends food that is Satvic in nature which is a vegetarian diet. The body needs different types of nutrients from a variety of foods. These foods perform various functions as per age, physical activity, physiological condition, sexual activity and body type. A balanced diet includes all six tastes: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, and astringent. We also customize the teachings to guide the concept of virrudha ahar (contradictory food combinations) and talk about the order of eating foods. Food is the life source of all beings  providing longevity, happiness, strength, knowledge, contentment, clarity, intelligence.

Food also varies as per the Prakruti (Body type constitution) and Vikruti (Imbalanced state of the Body).

“Without proper diet, Medicine is of no use.

With proper diet, Medicine is of no need.”

Profound knowledge of Ayurvedic herb, spices, vegetables, legumes and so forth helps maintain physical, mental, social and spiritual harmony. Foods are appetizing, flavorful, and aromatic. They are a way of offering love. They become healing when served in an inspiring atmosphere. The main objective of the body is the electrochemical vitalization which happens through the cleansing of toxins that have entered the body. Thus Ayurvedic cooking is both an Art and Science at the same time.

Join us on Monthly basis to learn Ayurvedic cooking recipes which will help you lead your life towards health and happiness.


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