Wholistic approach to Food as a medicine concept.

Private Class
$$350/3hours (Consultation Included)
All In one day, Buy 3 Each 2 hours classes – $600 and receive 15 MIN OF Energy work for Free.

Ayurvedic Cooking is like bringing the intelligence in the food with the help of herbs and spices as per your Constitution or Prakruti .

As Hippocartes said,

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”

“Food is the best Medicine”. If food is right medicine is of no use.

When Diet is correct medicine is of no need. (Ayurvedic Proverb).

Ayurvedic Sutra regarding FOOD AS A MEDICINE  –  


                                                                ( ACHARYA LOLIMBRAJ/KAIDEV NIGHANTU-Reference)

Authentic Ayurveda is used to keep the harmony in your body type or unique nature or prakruti of you .So to maintain that you need to eat to support your unique body type energy.Your body type energy means the presence of  percentage of 5 elements in you.So eat and live accordingly as per your BODYTYPE .So proper choices of food   can balance our Doshas in the body .This step will help to encourage the correct flow of our Prana which is a Life Force or Life in Ayurveda .Food is the first step to encourage in the process of healing .Then comes detox,herbal oils,herbal teas,and mixtures of foof combining guidelines .

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn at your own space. Learn to cook from your own home. These online cooking classes are meant to teach you the simple and wholistic approach of healthy ways of cooking. And also helps you what to add more in to the cooking which will be opening and clearing channels in the body on a day to day basis.

Ayurveda gives very much importance to the body type which is a unique constitution of the person. Eating as per the Body type is the key to the definition of Health.

Excellent health leads towards the Happiness. So FOOD, GUT ISSUES, MIND, HEALTH, SKIN, WEIGHT, EMOTIONS all these are important. They complement each other for the journey of life.

Food, Health and Happiness are interlinked deeply in the Ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. It has given profound importance to the choices of the food combinations and how they impact on the energy and sleep.

We like to teach each and every aspects of the cooking from choosing, collecting, storing, and proper mixing.

So series of 3 to 6 sessions will be required to understand and get a grip on healthy and wholistic Ayurvedic Cooking.

Compatible and Incompatible concepts are most important to understand .As incompatible food choices creates diseases in the body after constant wrong food combination offerings to the physical body .


Private sessions are offered for developing Doshically Balacing Food Combinations To suit your Energy and Uplift your Energy .Also individual Yogic practices including Asana ,Meditation,Chanting,Pranayama will be offered as per your body type and chronic conditions or chronic imbalances .

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