Are you ready for your joy, happiness and bliss in your life?
Are you willing to change?
Are you willing for your mental, physical and spiritual detox?
Are you ready for your self-care?

Then I am ready to share. With 20 Years of practise experience I as a Board Certified Ayurvedic Doctor (BAMS), TMB Therapist (BCTMB), Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), Licensed Massage & Body Work Therapist (LMBT), NCBTMB(National Certified Body Work Massage Therapist Provider), Author of 2 Books, Board of Director AAAP(American Association of Ayurvedic Professionals), Certified Chakra Healer Therapist, Ayurvedic Nutritional Therapist.

Begin your life journey by preserving your health by practising Ayurveda, Yoga, Diet, Nutrition, Herbs, Pranayama, Meditation, Chakra Healing, Pranic Healing, Indian Acupressure Murma Healing, Energy Healing, Cranio-Sacral Therapy and EFT Therapy (Emotional Freedom Technique). Connect with your bodies energy with this information and transform your life. 

Would you like to practise the Ayurvedic way of Healing in your mind to heal your body?

Would you like to preserve your health & wellness? Would you like to grow in your spiritual health? 

Would you like to enhance your longevity? Would you like to know your source of energy in your body? 

Let’s learn the essence of life, reshape the thinking of healing and update ourselves from the wrong myths in the current time, heal quantum capacities of our body, enhance our feminine energy and our masculine energy, achieve the optimal health and wellness, understand the healing powers of our body by understanding our unique nature of body type constitution. Learn the Secret keys of Health and Wellness, Secrets of Healing, Secrets of Mind, body and Spirit Healing. Let’s improvise our health by the conscious awakening of our physical body, grow our spiritual health, remove the blocked energies, blocked tissues, blocked channels through the body and mind. Heal Grief, Emotion, Trauma, Healing from within.

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