5-Day Panchakarma Program


(Additional changes for food will be applied)

Deep petox & Rejuvenation program to recharge the mind body & soul again.

It includes:
  • Initial & preparatory consultation.
  • Daily support & training & teaching & body care
  • Guidelines about Herbs & food & compatibility of the food as per the diseases in the body.
Daily Treatments includes:
  • Any Panchkarma Treatments (cleansing actions -5) during your Detox & cleansing Program as per Ayurvedic physician’s guideline.
  • Abhyngam ( warm oil massage )
  • Herbal steam (Swedana Bashpa Theraphy)
  • Bliss Theraphy – (Pouring oil on third eye,or forehead area)
  • Herbal paste Applications.
  • Dry Herbal powders Scrub (Udvartana)

Food. Charges $60 per day (3 Foods – B.f/lunch /Dinner) + Tea

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