Ayurvedic Traditional Massage – Abhyangam


Traditional Oil Masaage

60 minutes $140, 90 minutes $175

Abyangam Natural Healing Therapy can be beneficial for maintaining health and also is used therapeutically for certain disorders. So this therapy is good for all stages from kids to old people.


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A specialized authentic full body massage with specific firm strokes creating a soothing effect. During the massage the oil get absorbed into the deeper levels of the tissues. In this therapy, the warm oil is used as per PRAKRUTI which is; the body type (constitution) of the individual. The oils will change as per the current condition of the person on the physical, mental and spiritual level. The massage restores the flow of vital energy, prana where it has become blocked. The unique technique of oil application delivers the medicinal effect through lymphatic stimulation. It helps to squeeze and remove toxic accumulations from the channels. This therapy is healing as well as has detoxifying effect on mind, body and spirit.

Generally Abhyngam session end with steam therapy. Steam will be charged separately.

Benefits of Abhyangam Massage

  •     Nourishes mind and body
  •     Anti-Aging
  •     Increases Longevity
  •     Promotes Deep relaxation
  •     Improves stamina
  •     Enhances complexion of skin
  •     Cleans body (detoxification)
  •     Reduces the stress
  •     Improve the senses of mind, body and soul.
  •     Reduce the fatigue and improves the digestion
  •     Helps to reduce negative thinking
  •     Overall improves the sense of well being

60 minutes, 90 minutes

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