Spring Detox with Ayurveda

Spring Detox with Ayurveda

Now is a great time to consider doing a Spring Detox

It happens every spring. You open the windows, drop your winter coat, and get the urge to clean your house. But do you ever think about “spring cleaning” the toxins from your body?

During spring the Change of hot-and-cold days send mixed signals to the body. This natural weather flux demands more flexibility in the body, because the body senses the shift of seasons on a cellular level and begins a natural detox.  Detoxifying in spring is an important part of the ayurvedic seasonal routine, called ritucharya. Spring is the Kapha season, because the wet and cool weather reflects the moist, cool, heavy qualities of Kapha dosha that predominate during this time of the year (March-June).


Biologically, nature supports cleansing of the body in spring. In winter the digestive fire is high, and people eat more sweet and heavy food. Most of the time they aren’t able to assimilate these hard-to-digest foods, so athe sticky, toxic product of incomplete digestion starts accumulating.

When the warm weather melts the snow in spring, it has a similar effect on the body. In spring the ama melts and the volume of ama becomes so great that the shrotas, the microcirculatory channels of the body, become clogged.

Some Indicators of Excess Toxins in the Body

If you don’t assist these toxins in moving out of the body, you can become prone to allergen reactions or various other respiratory issues. Or you might feel unusually fatigued, sluggish or drowsy after lunch, or lose your appetite.
Sharp head discomfort, dizziness, mild tremors in the limbs, and unexplained muscle aches, especially in the calf, can also occur. Your tongue may be coated, and your throat may be sore.

The skin can be less radiant, heavier, more oily. You may also find that you break out more often, are more prone to sunburn, and have dry patches on your skin.

The body’s immune system is weakened, and becomes a fertile ground for bacteria. In the case of allergens, the body misidentifies and attacks itself, resulting in the allergen symptoms that make us feel so uncomfortable.

Yet, spring is the best season for detoxification, because nature is already trying to clear out the toxins. It’s the time to help the body to efficiently detoxify the channels and the dhatus (body tissues).

How do you help the body with its own spring cleaning?

Spring cleanse with Ayurveda is an easy way to buffer your health and protect your well-being for the coming months and beyond. 

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