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Since my teen years, I have been suffering from Fibrocystic breast, sinus pressure/infections, headaches, and most recently, spotting. Now at 46 years old, I knew that I was missing a piece of the puzzle especially since I was conscience about what I put in/on my body and with every check-up, I have received a clean bill of health. I have never smoked, use alcohol, use drugs, and I am not on any prescriptions. I eat mostly organic/Non-GMO whole foods, filter my water, use Auromere toothpaste and natural detergents/soaps/shampoos. I don’t even use plastic containers and I removed my mercury fillings! What I was doing was helpful, of course, but it was not curing my daily ailments. Years ago, I heard about Ayurveda. After somewhat researched the body/mind/spirit practice, I still done my own thing. I ordered some supplements and a tongue scraper, went to an energy healer, past life regression therapist, theologist for thermal imaging for my breast, purchased an aromatherapy diffuser, Himalayan pink salt lamp, Earthing blanket, and even a Telsa Bio-healer. I created a Zen Den in the spare bedroom and put a decal on that wall that states – Eat more plants Do more Yoga. 😊 Even with all that, I was not at ease not because I was not trying as you can see. The puzzle piece was still missing. With a gentle nudge from my love of my life, Richard, I started my TRUE Ayurveda journey with a call to Aruna Patki. Patiently, she listened to my story and noted my lifestyle and diet. She explained the different body types and narrowed me down to Kapha. Within an hour, she had me pinned down. Ha! It made sense that physically and emotionally we are not all the same. I have certain requirements that my body and mind needs in order to heal. She was confident that she knew my wellness and wellbeingness. Her confidence was contagious because I knew I have met the real deal. Before leaving, I purchased her books to help me gain a greater knowledge of this practice and they did not disappoint. She mailed a box to my house that contained tea, massaging oil, herbal ghee, herb capsules, recipes, food list and best practice guideline. All for less money than my Earthing blanket. Ha! Within two and a half weeks of following Aruna Patki’s recommendations, I have no sinus pressure, headaches, and the spotting has ceased. The lumps in my breast have been reduced and are less painful; plus, I am working out at the gym. To be honest, I cheated and ate one food that was not on my list and yes, I paid for it too. My sinus flared up big time! Small price to pay for wisdom. Ha! So finally, I feel that I have control over my life and it started with making the right decision – I called Aruna Patki. Think about all the money and time I would have saved if I just called her sooner. This system of medicine was the missing puzzle piece for me and I hope that you will discover the same for yourself and your love ones.
Much love and respect, Pam
I just completed a 7-day panchakarma therapy at Ayurvedic Healing Wellness Center under the direction of Dr Aruna Patki. It was a magnificent experience to say the least. I reached out to Dr Aruna as something was not felling right in my body and I had all the allopathic tests down to confirm all by western medicine was in order and it was. Only condition is my weight which no matter what I try won’t budge. However, I knew something was off in my body and I listened! At the start of 2021, I contracted Covid which was treated at home. Lingering effect lethargic and lost sense of smell (taste came back moderately). After an extensive consultation we determined that best course of action was a detoxification by panchakarma and various healing modalities. I even had the meals for 6 days included. I didn’t want to be stressed with meal prepping as I am working full time and and drive fir me was 1.5 hrs round trip daily, best decision ever made. What I experienced was not just massages or oil treatments, but customized plan on proper yoga practice based on my needs, teas to address my excess dosha and proper breathing techniques I could all easily follow at home. What I got out of these 7 days as been wonderful easy for me to manage on my own. My daily rituals are getting me on the path to wellness! Within 3 days of treatments I noticed increased flexibility in my lower extremity, sleeping through the night and not walking up tired. I notice subtle scents such as flowers and herbs which prior to this, no sense of smell. I notice inflammation on my face and legs greatly reduced. And the added bonus I have lost 13 lbs with no fasting, liquid or raw diets. I found the protocol to follow easy and logical! Mostly though, I found a practitioner that truly listened and addressed each concern respectfully, professionally and with heart!!!! Thank you, Dr Aruna you have been a Blessing and a joy, to go through this wellness journey!
Love and light, Bea
Namaste 🙏🏿 Dr. Patki and to the universes, scientists keep finding more orbits out there. My name is mary ann ambrose, I reside in new Orleans, LA. I recently did a video on behalf of the world and the great and awesome works of Dr. Aruna Patki. I implore everyone who has eyes to see, ears to hear who has an open spirit, mind, body, and soul to please get on board with Dr. Patki ayurvedic complete health and healing plan. Trust me, Dr. Aruna Patki is the real deal, Dr. Patki is professional, knowledgeable, understanding, kind, empathetic, caring, I cannot say enough kind words that will address Dr. Patki and her medical field of ayurvedic medicine, I should have called on Dr. Patki and stayed with her and her knowledge and expertise in the ayurvedic medical field. I can go on and on and on regarding Dr. Patki but, I implore you to seek Dr. Patki services for yourself and keeping moving forward in your lifetime to great health.
NAMASTE , Mary Ann Ambrose
Hello Aruna, I started coming to you just 2 days ago on Thursday March 25, 2021. Prior to you I could not get my urine PH above 5.25 and day after only 1 meal from you my PH was at a 7.25 or so. I slept 6 hours straight after just 1 treatment and 1 meal without having to use the bathroom. Typically I would sleep 2 hours, wake up use the bathroom and sleep maybe 4 hours before having to get up again. I also gained 2 pounds which has been nearly impossible for me to do the past year. Friday morning I took a dive in a hyperbaric chamber which I've done many many times before. I had had 1 treatment from you and 2 meals prior to this dive and noticed immediately the temperature of my body has changed. Prior I would have needed to wear a robe and cover myself up under 2 blankets inside the chamber but Friday I didn't need any of the coverings. Saturday morning I had an RF treatment on my chin - this machine heats up and before you it couldn't be turned up past 1. Saturday it went to 5 with no problem. Thanks so much for the improvement I am seeing so quickly! Can't wait to continue this 10 day detox and get fully healed.
While experiencing chronic ear, nose, head throat pain and congestion, I researched my local area for an ayurdedic practioner. I came across Dr. Aruna Patki in Concord, NC which is about 20 minutes from where I live in Charlotte, NC. I initially wanted to go in for a couple of treatments; the herbal eye bath, and the sinus treatment. After a consultation, I decided to go in for the 7 day Panchakarma program. I was suffering not only from sinus issues, but my entire body was full of inflammation, sluggish elimination, and a heightened sense of anxiety and depression. My first massage treatment was relaxing, but the Sweden steam therapy gave my body internal warmth that I had not felt before. I knew then that I had found the treatment plan that was going to make a definite improvement in my body. As I went through the different treatments like third eye therapy; cardiac care heart wellness basti, and other chakra healing, my whole body became lighter.

My most intense reaction in my treatment was the cardiac care basti. During my treatment I felt a great sense of anxiety come over me, and I began to cry and didn’t want to finish my steam therapy. I was embarrassed but was reassured by Dr. Patki that this reaction was not unusual. Different body areas release different energies. Because I have suffered from PTSD since 1996 while serving in the military, I spent more time on synthetic medications, than on healing. The overwhelming feeling of anxiety was a release of years of fear and sadness. My nasal and eye treatments calmed my initial complaints of sinus issues. Dr. Patki’s passion for people, wellness, and the power of self-healing through ayurdedic is contagious and encouraging. Ayurveda is about reawaking the natural healing power of our digestive fires.

Strengthening our digestive systems is crucial to long-term health, and finding an experienced practitioner and student of Ayurveda like Dr Patki, is a true blessing. Understanding our eating habits, the importance of being responsible for what we put into our mouth, empowers us to make a crucial difference in how we detoxify our bodies and our lives. Dr. Patki has written two books that I purchased titled Healing the Mind Body and Soul. Both of these books reflect a simple and easy to read guide to the ayurdedic principles taught by Dr. Patki . With an eager desire to share this important information, the formatting of the books is off, but please look past that and focus on the content, the information is mind changing and informative.

As a retired military female, I’ve always had a strong body, but I realized strong doesn’t mean healthy. I would change some things about my experience. First, I would write down what I expect to achieve through Pranchakarma. I would set aside the days of treatment as downtime (clear my schedule of other appointments), and I would be more mindful of easing back into a healthier eating and exercising routine. I didn’t completely understand what I was getting into at first, but on the back side of it now, I would like to do it over again with the knowledge I have now. We live in a terribly toxic world, we eat and feed out families’ toxic food, and we don’t realize how awful we feel until we feel better. Let Dr. Patki guide you to better health and wellness. The best investment we can make is an investment in our health and wellness. I expect this to be an annual practice in my life forever. Let me not forget one of my most favorite perks of my program was that Dr. Patki cooked my meals for me for 7 days! The food was amazing and I didn’t even realize my entire 7 day diet was vegetarian!
PTSD -Experience of Retired MILITARY Veteran for 7 day Detox
A. Sunshine , Charlotte, N.C.
When chronic or acute health challenges come along you are up against the pharmaceutical company and the doctors. Your mind doesn't function the same. You feel stuck and disconnected from the world. I felt that way for a while and had no idea what to do until I met Aruna Patki, a profound healer and teacher. Early 2016, I was facing a few health challenges that were keeping me confined in the house. I assumed if I eat right, they will go away. My health got worse. I started other routes of healing such as accupuncture, homeopathy, and western medicine but nothing was changing. It was becoming a greater challenge trying to find the right combination of therapies. I spend thousands of dollars over 3 years. Finding it to be the worse roller coaster ever. I was getting more and more hopeless and sad within me even though I never showed it on the outside. I was strong and tried not to care about what others thought but I did care.

One thing I had never really took into consideration was Auyerveda, a 5000 year old ancient indian healing practice that heals the body inside and out. Because I knew it was an intense process.

I was looking for easy way out. I didnt want to change my eating habits. That was my biggest challenge. Until I ended up with a Kidney stone early 2019 and the doctor wanted to perform an invasive procedure. This is when I got my act together. I was guided towards Ayurveda instantly. The moment I was told by the doctor I sought out an ayurvedic practitioner in my area. I was determined not to confine myself to western medicine. That is how I met this wonderful, caring and kind human being who truly cared about others well-being.

I started a 10 day Detox and she was always there for me through all the challenges I was facing. She taught me self care. I had been preaching self care and going within but didnt really discover the meaning of it til I met Aruna.

Aruna is brilliant. Her dedication to the human body, mind and soul brings clarity within each person and a level of enlightenment within. Going through the 10 days of healing was is a beautiful journey I would recommend to anyone who is tired of feeling stuck, tired of taking pills, and wanting to find a cure. Ayurveda is the best thing I discovered. It changed my life because I had the right person guiding me. My sincere gratitude goes to you Dr. Aruna Patki for showing me the path to greater well-being.
10 day detox for a Kidney Stone Surgery client
I want to express my sincere appreciation to Aruna Patki and Ayurveda Healing Spa. I have been suffering with tinnitus for a few months following an ear infection...with very little relief in spite of trying many treatment modalities including acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, craniosacral therapy, and conventional medicine. A forward thinking physician suggested I consult with Aruna, who made time for me in spite of her very busy schedule. We focused on each stage of Ayurveda's healing process beginning with Dinacharya, including asana, pranayama and meditation. The abhyanga and shirodhara were very beneficial - as was the steam detox following body work sessions. Aruna also taught me to eat and even cook aurvedically which I have been able to integrate into my daily routine. Aruna's skillful interventions have helped to lessen my symptoms, hopelessness and anxiety, for which I am forever grateful.
Cyntia, Psychologist , Tampa-Florida
Having exhausted western medicine with a chronic sinus issue, it was time to look for a more holistic avenue. In my search for a certified and licensed Ayurveda practitioner, I found Aruna Patki online. She was prompt in response to my email inquiry and very flexible with her schedule to accommodate my daily schedule. Based on the initial interview, she recommended the most suitable program for my body type and needs. During the weeklong detox program, I enjoyed a daily massage, targeted yoga and breathing instructions and a daily bag full of great tasting lunch and breakfast. The interaction with her quickly reveals that she knows what she is doing. I also had the pleasure of joining one of her cooking classes. She makes it look so easy with a contagious happy attitude resulting in great tasting food. The positive impact on my health and overall wellbeing was noticeable rather quickly. She can guide you through the program but you will have to take that first step.
After visiting the Ayurveda Healing Spa, I realized I haven’t experienced anything quite like it before. I have visited many different types of spas through my international travels but nothing like the experience at Ayurveda Healing Spa of Concord NC, Aruna Patki provided. Combining an evaluation, food choices and therapeutic massages, it really focuses on the entire person. I recognized traditional massage techniques, but also some very different ones as well. She has a very distinctive touch, light, yet deep so you can feel muscle movement. With a background in hospitality and teaching classes in spa management, it is always very interesting and exciting to learn about the different treatments and techniques so I can share them with my students. I was also amazed that even after several days, I feel a difference in my wellbeing, more clarity, focus, brightness. I am anxious to learn and experience more with Aruna Patki’s help….Will recommend by heart.
Ann-Marie Weldon
" Being a doctor of homeopathy myself, it gave me a glimpse of how holistic your practice is.....'to offer and heal the individual and not the disease' resonates with homeopathic principle of healing as well. I've personally experienced great positive and spiritual growth through your sessions of 'Panchakarma' and am forever grateful for the friendly guidance that has aligned my life back to happy and healthy! Thanks Aruna Patki of Ayurveda Healing spa ,Concord NC for your guidance from the bottom of my heart!"
Anonymous. Charlotte Nc
How can I ever thank you? You have changed me and my life more than you could ever know. When I first came to you I had no idea that my healing would be so great or so swift, but such is the way of God, who definitely works through you. Thank you.

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