Optimal Health

Customized healthcare plan based on your own health, your imbalances and how to improve your health and well-being. Authentic herbal medicine, daily dietary and lifestyle suggestions. We offer this service in person or online for the convineance of our out of citi ,state,country clients .

Day Spa Wellness

Harmonize your senses and treat yourself with Warm Ayurvedic medicinal oil massage with Shirodhara to relieve stress & get rid of mental wounds ,pain, exhaustion. Herbal steam bath and body scrub included.

Therapeutical Traditional

Choose from the wide-range of traditional Ayurvedic therapies & Therapeutic Massage, Bodywork and delight yourself or another option is ask for the customized therapy session as per your body need .

Cleanse Rejuvenate
and Recharge

Get Detoxified, Rejuvenated and Relaxed. Feel totally refreshed and transformed cleansing your deep seated toxins. Schedule your Panchakarma with *Dr. Aruna Patki


At Ayurveda Healing Spa

Aruna Patki (Ayurvedic Physician from India) is an Ayurvedic Practitioner & Director,Founder ,Author Of 2 Books ,NCTMB, LMBT #06253, CPC ,Yoga Consultant & Healer, Mind-Body-Energy Wellness Provider  who is Authentically Trained in India offering services from Concord, NC USA.

God created beautiful nature beyond of imagination, Also Dhanvantari God created Ayurveda /science of healing yourself, Ayurveda healing spa created the Bodywork and Therapys for Balance on Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual level. Main approach of Ayurveda is to Heal ourself By Charak / Godfather of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda provides simple and natural ways to balance. Bring your Body & soul back into balance to improve your overall health through authentic disciplines that originate from 6000 year old teachings.

She has given consultation ,offered Ayurvedic & Yoga retreats ,coaching, workshops ,to thousands of clients  suffering from digestive, liver and pancreatic problems, weight loss, obesity, urinary system, cardiovascular disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome and many other chronic physical debilities and psychosomatic diseases.

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