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Abdominal (Nabhi) Basti

Abdominal (Nabhi) Basti is a therapeutic treatment aimed at improving digestion and promoting emotional release. During the session, warm oil…


Online Ayurvedic Vegetarian Cooking Workshop

Private Class 2 hr/$200, 3 hr/$350 (Consultation Included) All In one day Ayurvedaic Cooking is like bringing the intelligence in…


Community Cooking Workshops (Group 10 to 20) at your location

Out of the Office $95 Per Person/3 Hrs, In the Office $135 Per Person/3 Hrs. When you provide a group…


Monthly Art of Ayurvedic - Holistic Cooking Group Workshop Online/Inperson

3 hour $150/Per each Person. Minimum group of 5 required for this class. Acharya Charaka (The Scienctist of Ayurveda) uses…


Chakra Balancing for Management of Diseases

30 min-$95, 1 hr-$150 Are you feeling fatigue, drained energy, less energy, tired, sluggish? Are you suffering from blocked energy…


Netra Basti (Herbal Therapy Eye Bath For Rejuvenation)

Natural Healing 30 min-$95, 3 Sessions-250 & 6 sessions-$425 This therapy is well recommended in Ayurveda for Eye Health and…


Ear Healing Therapy

Ear Healing Therapy 30 min-$95, Buy 3 sessions for good effects-$250, 6 sessions for better results-$450. In Karnapuran therapy oil…


Private Customized - Disease Healing Therapeutic Yoga

Specific Body Type Yoga Practice Prakruti Related Yoga. As Per Doshic Constitution, Ayurvedic philosophy is whatever is present in the…


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In-Person/Remote Optimal Health Consultation

Prakruti Analysis – A way of finding disease in Ayurveda and Mapping the Food and Lifestyle. 90 Min-$250, And 30…

Original price was: $300.00.Current price is: $250.00.

Ayurvedic Traditional Massage - Abhyangam

A specialized authentic full body massage with specific firm strokes creating a soothing effect. During the massage the oil get…


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