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Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Abhyngam Massage Therapy Level 1

Earn 18 continuing education hours in Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Abhyngam Massage Therapy as recognized by the NCBTMB. This course will enrich your offerings to your clientele as well as your knowledge and health for your own life.

Ayurvedic Acupressure – Vital Pressure Point Therapy

Deeply relaxing and rejuvenating therapy focused on special points in the body. It’s a unique therapy which helps to awaken energy points. Marma point helps to open channels of life ports (prana of your body).


Mystic Food: Healing Through Eating

In the journey to well-being, the concept of Mystic Food transcends the ordinary, offering a profound approach to healing through mindful eating. At Ayurveda Healing Spa, we believe that the food you consume is not merely sustenance; it’s a conduit to vitality, balance

Vaidya Aruna Patki’s Library

Immerse yourself in the enriching world of holistic wellness with Vaidya Aruna Patki’s Library at Ayurveda Healing Spa. As a beacon of Ayurvedic knowledge, Vaidya Aruna Patki curates a collection that serves as a treasure trove of wisdom, guiding you on healthy journey.

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