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In the United States there has been an uprising in awareness about healthy living, eating and lifestyles. An interesting phenomenon has been observed by those who have studied the scriptures of the Vedas, and who have intimate understanding about the Ayurvedic way of life.

This understanding – is that the majority of valid and effective approaches to diet, routine, meditation and sound spiritual thinking that have been exalted within this culture and hailed as “new age” or “new thought.” These have been obtained from the vast-scope of knowledge already provided, recorded, organized and disseminated from century to century through the delivery of the Ayurvedic system of health and lifestyle management.

How we approach our moment now, how we conduct the energy within our hearts, how we choose to breathe, eat and the routines we choose for daily living activities such as sleeping and working – have all been time-tested on the human population for more than ten thousand years or more.

The science that verifies this, has carbon-dated this knowledge to be around five thousand years – yet Vedic scholars tell us that it is far older – as temple monks used to verbally transmit these teachings from century to century before this vast scope of knowledge was ever put down into the carbon-dateable words of the Sanscrit language.

Sorting Through and Separating Out The Cream From The Curds.(Ayurvedic Logic Of Kshir Dadhi Nyaya) 

Reverence and respect play a very important role in the success of the Ayurvedic lifestyle. There is a conscious thrust within this lifestyle and thinking approach for proper verification of its source, and proper acknowledgment of it’s sacred nature.

In the US today – we have a profound difficulty with the media blasting our population with un-verified mis-information. There is little in the way of checks and balances for us to use to verify the information we receive about health, food and critical life-enhancing knowledge.

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