Nasyam-Sinus Treatment, Head And Brain Healing, Head Detox.


Nose Marma and Massage by Oil Application

30 minutes-$85, 3 sessions 30 min-$225, 6 sessions-$430

This therapy helps to reduce or decrease frequent occurrences of sinusitis, migraines, headaches, and Vata related muscle involvement in the facial paralytic situations. It provides a general cleansing of the nasal cavities. In this therapy Ghee or oil or medicated herbal oil is administered directly to the nostrils in a specific way (with precautions).

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This therapy is very beneficial to clients. When performed correctly with proper use of specific oils or ghee it will help us to enhance the mental and sensory health and promotes clarity and emotional happiness. Also it opens up the sinuses, and obstructions from that part by cleansing these sinuses so the lymphatic fluid flow without blockages because channels are opening. It improves voice quality and also promotes lightness in body. Soothes the dryness in nose too. So helps to eliminate the symptoms of the diseases and discomforts.

Herbal Steam is recommended for utmost best results and benefits.


3 sessions – 30 minnutes, 30 Minutes, 6 sessions

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