Udvartana – Cellulitis, Weight Loss & Skin Disorders


Mixture of Herbal Dry Powered is scrubbed on Body.

Must buy 3 sessions for better result. Herbal steam is recommended along with this therapy for best results.

30 min $100, 60 min $140, 3 sessions-30 min $ 250, 3 sessions-60 min $400.


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In this therapy, a dry herbal powder is rubbed on body as per the body type constitution. This therapy stimulates the lymphatic system while balancing KAPHA dosha. The repeated movements stimulate hair follicles and tissues. This helps to break down the deep seated fatty tissues. Finely ground herbs are mixed with oil while performing this therapeutic massage. This therapy really works on lymphatic system as well as the circulatory system. It strengthens muscles, improves tone of the muscles and imparts the mobility to the joints. It increases the luminous effects on the skin. This therapy is used in obesity, skin diseases and cellulite. It is well suited to support a weight loss program. Prominently used in Kapha related imbalances.


3 Session – 20 mins, 3 Session – 50 mins, 30 Minutes, 60 minutes

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