• Swedan (Herbal Steam) Therapy


      20 to 30 minutes $95

      Specifically selected as per the body constitution and body imbalances. Herbal powders are placed in small linen bags while performed.

    • Pranic Healing Meditation on Vata- To Heal Our Trauma, Grief, Emotions, Pain


      Pranic Healing Meditation on Vata- To Heal Our Trauma, Grief, Emotions, Pain Would you like to know about Vata Dosha in the body? Would you like to know what is Vata? Would you like to learn 5 […]

    • Pranic Healing Meditation For Pitta Dosha To Improve Gut Health Shine Again


      Pranic Healing Meditation For Pitta Dosha To Improve Gut Health Shine Again Pitta links to digestion and metabolism. Would you like to Spot the Symptoms of Pitta Imbalance and Feel Better? Signs of pitta imbalance include: Burning […]

    • Pranic Healing Meditation For Kapha Dosha To Boost Immunity and Physical Health


      Understanding Kapha: Body Type, Imbalance & Diet Recommendations Understanding Kapha: How to Stay Healthy and Energized Pranic Healing Meditation For Kapha Dosha To Boost Immunity and Physical Health

    • Chakra Balancing for Management of Diseases


      30 min-$85, 1 hr-$150

      Are you feeling fatigue, drained energy, less energy, tired, sluggish? Are you suffering from blocked energy centers or your energy?

    • Kalari Marma Therapy


      Ayurvedic Acupressure – Vital Pressure Point Therapy

      40 minutes $85

      Deeply relaxing and rejuvenating therapy focused on special points in the body. It’s a unique therapy which helps to awaken energy points. Marma point helps to open channels of life ports (prana of your body).

    • Nasyam-Sinus Treatment, Head And Brain Healing, Head Detox.


      Nose Marma and Massage by Oil Application

      30 minutes-$85, 3 sessions 30 min-$225, 6 sessions-$430

      This therapy helps to reduce or decrease frequent occurrences of sinusitis, migraines, headaches, and Vata related muscle involvement in the facial paralytic situations. It provides a general cleansing of the nasal cavities. In this therapy Ghee or oil or medicated herbal oil is administered directly to the nostrils in a specific way (with precautions).

    • Pada Abhyanga


      Ayurvedic leg Massage-Foot detox and Marma-Reflexology work

      Using special Ayurvedic oils, this highly relaxing foot massage therapy revitalizes tired feet and legs, as well as the entire body. Based on the belief that the feet contain key energy points that correspond to all other parts of the body.

      Massage local + Nadi sweda + Pressure points
    • Abdominal (Nabhi) Basti


      40 minutes $95

      Application of oil will be poured in and around the Naval area (umbilicus). This is a great therapy to release suppressed emotion.

    • Community Cooking Workshops (Group 10 to 20) at your location


      Out of the Office $95 Per Person/3 Hrs, In the Office $135 Per Person/3 Hrs.

      When you provide a group of people, kitchen and utensils then this workshop will be available at the reasonable price.

    • Netra Basti (Herbal Therapy Eye Bath For Rejuvenation)


      30 min-$95

      This therapy is well recommended in Ayurveda for Eye Health and discomforts; For constant use of electronics on kids, adults, old creates a lot of dryness and tension eyes.

    • Ear Healing Therapy


      30 min-$95

      This therapy is used in TMJ, TMJ pain, Stiffness, tension in neck, jaw and also in ear wax. It helps to reduce aggravated vata and improves circulation in the head. Over the period of time this therapy is used systematically to improve the hearing.

    • Kati Basti-Herbal Wellness For Back Pain


      Buy minimum six sessions for better results.

      30 minutes $95 (Add steam along with it for best results) steam $75 per session of 30 min, 3 sessions of 30 min $250, 6 sessions $425.

      A highly specialized therapy with lukewarm herb-infused Ayurvedic oil which is poured into a fitted cap and placed on the lower back area of the and sacral area which is a Lumbo-Sacral Junction of body.

      90 Mins Session – Buy minimum 3 sessions.
      Lower back well with oil + Herbal local + Steam
    • Cardiac Care Management(Heart Wellness By Hrud/Uro)Basti


      Heart Support

      30 minutes $95, 3 sessions -$250, 6 sessions-$450.

      A highly specialized treatment in which lukewarm herb-infused Ayurvedic oil is poured into a fitted cap and placed on the heart area of the body.

      As house of Mind is in Heart of the body. It helps with mind related imbalances in the body.

      The mind and body are the two sides of the coin, this means they are inseparable. This therapy is a good option to heal the Heart and Heart Chakra related blockages or stagnation of energy.

      Its better to do 3 to 6 session for relaxation and de-stressing purposes.

    • Ayurvedic Chakra Healing


      Body Energy Healing Work through

      Re-alignment, Re-Tuning the Body Wheels

      40 minutes $95

    • Pranic Healing Meditation For Vata, Pitta, Kapha Dosha

      $125 / Session – 40 minutes
      Minimum 6 Sessions Required.
    • Private Customized – Disease Healing Therapeutic Yoga


      Yoga for Acute and Chronic Conditions & Body Type Constitutional.

      Minimum 3 Sessions required to understand the whole body type & seed sound, breathing techniques are customized depending upon the body type or elemental combinations in the body


    • Ayurvedic Hot Stone Massage


      Ashma Sweda Therapy – Deep Detoxification work on Lymphatic System.

      75 minutes $125

    • Udvartana – Cellulitis, Weight Loss & Skin Disorders


      Mixture of Herbal Dry Powered is scrubbed on Body.

      Must buy 3 sessions for better result. Herbal steam is recommended along with this therapy for best results.

      30 min $100, 60 min $140, 3 sessions-30 min $ 250, 3 sessions-60 min $400.

    • Lepan – Body Wrap


      In this therapy a herbal paste is prepared and wrapped on the body to keep the body warm. After the paste is dried on the body, the paste will be rinsed off and a little oil or lotion will be applied depending on the body type constitution towards the end of the session. It’s also known as a body mask therapy. In this therapy the body gets detoxified through the metabolic stimulation and also it helps to melt the subcutaneous fat through a little work of exfoliation which happens during the therapy.

    • Ayurvedic Traditional Massage – Abhyangam


      Traditional Oil Masaage

      60 minutes $140, 90 minutes $175

      Abyangam Natural Healing Therapy can be beneficial for maintaining health and also is used therapeutically for certain disorders. So this therapy is good for all stages from kids to old people.

    • Destress Yourself with Third Eye Therapy – Shirodhara Therapy


      Detox Mind-Body, Anxiety, Emotional Challenges, Psychological Challenges, Mental Healing, Saatvic Mind Therapy, Skin Diseases, Fatigue, Energy Depleted Hair challenges.

      60 minutes $145, Buy 6 sessions -$750

      A divine ‘Third eye’ opening therapy which is one of the most popular therapies. It’s very effective reducing stress and stress related issues. A steady and rhythmic stream of Luke warm herb infused oil is applied on third eye, forehead area. This is a very good treatment for rejuvenation. Promoting a deep sense of relaxation. It helps with arthritis, rheumatism, stroke, paralysis, some of the skin conditions and spondylosis. This is one of the ancient therapies which helps to awaken Third Eye Chakra which helps body institution and knowledge.

    • Monthly Art of Ayurvedic – Holistic Cooking Workshops Online


      1 hour $150/Per each Person. Minimum group of 5 required for this class.

      Acharya Charaka (The Scienctist of Ayurveda) uses the metaphor “Indhan”, which means Energy.

    • Ayurvedic Detox Face Work


      Ayurvedic Facial – Beauty and Rejuvenation

      60 minutes $150, 90 minutes $180

      This therapy includes face massage, marma facial points, facial wraps and a facial wash with rose water, milk or honey with a gently steam on the face area. This therapy helps to exfoliate, rejuvenate and detoxify. It is balancing in the head, face and shoulder areas. It helps to increase the glow and circulation to the skin in the facial area.

    • Navarakhizi – Pinda Sweda


      Poultice or Boluses Therapy

      75 minutes $150

      This therapy is highly recommended for pain in the joints. Rheumatic conditions, muscular weakness, emaciation of limbs, cholesterol, skin imbalances or disorders, sleeping disorders, high blood pressure, and general total body rejuvenation. The application of this therapy induces perspiration from the application of medicinal boluses made up of rice, lentils and herbs; which are frequently warmed in herb infused milk or decoctions-herbal or tea-kadha.

    • Shiro Basti – Pouring of oil on Head Area


      60 minutes $150

      A highly specialized therapy in which the lukewarm herb-infused Ayurvedic oil is poured into a fitted cap and placed on the head. This treatment is highly recommended for anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, facial paralysis, migraine, neurological disorders, psychological and sleep disorders. It also recommended for stress and headaches. It is used to improve eye sight imbalances and many more conditions.

    • Private Meditation (3 sessions)


      45 min each / $175

      Come and join us to understand our Self Practice to reach within us or find our self which means find inner me.

      Series includes 3 sessions with Aruna Patki, designed to help the practitioner deepen and strengthen the practice of meditation or concentration.

    • In-Person/Remote Optimal Health Consultation


      Prakruti Analysis – A way of finding disease in Ayurveda and Mapping the Food and Lifestyle.

      1Hr-$200, each additional 15 min-$30 will be charged extra.

      What Happens in a Visit to an Ayurvedic Practitioner?

      When you visit an Ayurvedic practitioner, be prepared to talk about yourself. Because Ayurveda emphasizes balance in all areas of your life, a trained practitioner will not only examine your body, but will take an extensive personal and medical history, including questions about daily diet, profession and working conditions, exercise routines, relationships, and mental health.

    • Online Ayurvedic Vegetarian Cooking Workshop


      Private Class

      2 hr/$200, 3 hr/$350 (Consultation Included) All In one day

      Ayurvedaic Cooking is like bringing the intelligence in the food with the help of herbs and spices as per your Constitution or Prakruti.

    • Skin Care


      Combination Body Wrap and Body Scrub Therapy

      60 minutes $150

      Our skin is the largest organ of the body. The skin is responsible for regulating internal and external balance. It’s the first line of defense for the body. Also it maintains our body temperature and regulates fluid balance.

      (Ayurvedic face massage + face marma points + local stream + facial nose oil application)

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