Heart Healing Recipe: Anti-fungal, Antimicrobial, Digestive Detox Food


Great Ayurvedic Feel Good Food. Let’s learn.

Has high nutritional values and health benefits. Lentil are not only good for health and it gives balance to your diet. This is a great way to get your greens and protein. It is an easy, healthy and flavorful recipe. It is easy to prepare and gives you a unique taste.

Vegan(Without ghee), Plant Based (Use oils while cooking), Dairy Free(No Animal product), Gluten-free recipe.

Simple ingredients, within 15 minutes, quick fix, rich, different flavors, easy, comforting, delightful, full of leafy greens and full of lentil.

You can eat this with quinoa, bread, rice, Indian parathas, flatbreads, or any other grains

Cook Time – is ready in under 15 minutes if cooked in pressure cooker. On stovetop 30 minutes it will take.

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