• Private Customized – Disease Healing Therapeutic Yoga


      Yoga for Acute and Chronic Conditions & Body Type Constitutional.

      60 min Session-$125, Must Buy 3 session for Best Results/60 min each-$300, 6 sessions-$550.

    • Private Meditation (3 sessions)


      45 min each / $175

      Come and join us to understand our Self Practice to reach within us or find our self which means find inner me.

      Series includes 3 sessions with Aruna Patki, designed to help the practitioner deepen and strengthen the practice of meditation or concentration.

    • Shiro Basti – Pouring of oil on Head Area


      60 minutes $150

      A highly specialized therapy in which the lukewarm herb-infused Ayurvedic oil is poured into a fitted cap and placed on the head. This treatment is highly recommended for anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, facial paralysis, migraine, neurological disorders, psychological and sleep disorders. It also recommended for stress and headaches. It is used to improve eye sight imbalances and many more conditions.

    • Skin Care


      Combination Body Wrap and Body Scrub Therapy

      60 minutes $150

      Our skin is the largest organ of the body. The skin is responsible for regulating internal and external balance. It’s the first line of defense for the body. Also it maintains our body temperature and regulates fluid balance.

    • Swedan Therapy


      20 to 30 minutes $95

      Specifically selected as per the body constitution and body imbalances. Herbal powders are placed in small linen bags while performed.

    • Udvartana – Cellulitis, Weight Loss & Skin Disorders


      Mixture of Herbal Dry Powered is scrubbed on Body.

      Must buy 3 sessions for better result. Herbal steam is recommended along with this therapy for best results.

      30 min $100, 60 min $140, 3 sessions-30 min $ 250, 3 sessions-60 min $400.

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